REGISTER – Futuroscope Forum 2022 “Europe in a disrupted world”

10 June 2022



The Fondation Prospective et Innovation, with the support of the Vienne Departmental Council, is organising the 16th annual Futuroscope Forum, which will take place on Friday 26 August 2022 at the Futuroscope Convention Centre. The theme of the Forum is “Europe in a world of disruption”



Europe today faces many challenges. From the Ukrainian conflict at its borders, to successive technological revolutions and the Covid-19 health crisis, Europe must find its place in a world in perpetual motion.  Faced with geopolitical, technological, economic, political and climatic upheavals, what role can Europe play to avoid falling behind and contribute to a better world?

To answer this question and to try to find solutions, many experts and personalities will speak in three cycles on distinct themes: political, economic and geopolitical ruptures.

Current circumstances have led us to organise this year’s Forum in a hybrid format. You will be able to attend the conference in p



09h30 – 10h00 : Welcome coffee
10h00 – 10h15 : Welcome words by

  • Alain PICHON, President of the Vienne Departmental Council
  • Jean-Pierre RAFFARIN, Former Prime Minister, Honorary Member of Parliament, President of the Fondation Prospective et Innovation

10h15 – 10h30 : Keynote Speaker : Raphel KHAN, Lawyer, essayist and editorialist

10h30-10h45 : Video Interview netween Jean-Pierre RAFFARIN and Tertius ZONGO, Former Prime minister of Burkina Fasco, Senior Fellow and Director of the Sahel Chair at the FERDI

10h45 – 12h15 : Round Table 1 – Political ruptures: the end of the liberal cycle 

  • Jean-Marie GUEHENNO, former French diplomat, Professor at Columbia University, author of « The last 21rst century» 
  • Fabienne KELLER, member of the European Parliament
  • Jean-Louis BOURLANGES, member of Parliament, President of the Foreign Affairs Commission

12h30 – 14h00 : Lunch

14h00 – 15h15 : Round Table 2 – Economic changes: is this the Asian century ? 

  • Opening video of Jean-Paul BETBEZE, Economist, President of Betbeze Conseil   
  • Denis RANQUE, President of the Academy of Technologies, former President of Thales 
  • Patrick BRANDMAIER, General Director of the franco-german chamber of commerce and industry
  • Catherine LUBOCHINSKI, Professor of economic sciences, member of the cercle of economists, member of the scientific committee of the APCR
  • Sumeet ANAND, President of the French-Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Founder of IndSiht Growth Partners

15h15 – 16h15 : Round Table 3 – Geopolitical changes: where are we heading ? 

  • Opening video of Vera SONGWE, Executive Secretary, UN Economic Commission for Africa
  • Joachim BITTERLICH, former ambassador, former diplomatic advisor to Chancellor Helmut Kohl
  • Pascal BONIFACE, Director of the IRIS
  • János MARTONYI,  former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary

16h15-16h30 : Keynote Speaker : Raphel KHAN, Lawyer, essayist and editorialist

16h30 – 17h00 : Closing remarks by

  • André CHIENG, Chairman and Managing Director of the Asian European Chamber of Commerce (AEC) and Vice-Chairman of the France-China Committee
  • Jean-Pierre RAFFARIN, Former Prime Minister, Honorary Member of Parliament, President of the Fondation Prospective and Innovation