Board of Directors

Founding Members

M. Philippe CHATAIN, Director of Crédit Agricole Touraine Poitou

M. Stephane DESERT, Managing Director of the Mutuelle de Poitiers Assurances

M. Domi­nique LENOIR, Chairman of the Escalux Supervisory Board, Treasurer

M. Xavier MARIN, President of Trail

Membres de Droit

M. Bruno JARRY, President of the Academy of Technologies

M. Philippe SAUZEY, Representative of the Ministry of the Interior

M. Bruno BELIN, President of the Departmental Council of Vienne

M. Michel MORTIER, CNRS General Delegate for Promotion

Per­son­na­li­tés Qualifiées

M. Olivier CAZENAVE, Honorary Counselor-Master at the Court of Auditors, Deputy Vice-President

M. Bruno LAFONT, Honorary Chairman of Lafarge SA

M. Dominique HUMMEL, Director of Innovation at Compagnie des Alpes Headquarters, Secretary

M. Jean-Pierre RAFFARIN, Former Prime Minister, Honorary Member of Parliament, President

Chartered Accountant

Cabi­net RSM PARIS

26, rue Cambacérès

75008 PARIS

Statutory Auditor

Cabi­net Har­vey Sabou­rin et Associés

1, rue Louis Proust BP 1069

86061 POITIERS Cedex 9