Août 2021

Ven27Aout9h3017h00Futuroscope Forum 2021 : "Finding balance in an unstable world"ANNUAL IN-PERSON AND VIDEOCONFERENCE FORUM9h30 - 17h00

Détail de l'événement

The 15th edition of the annual Futuroscope Forum, organized with the support of the Vienne Departmental Council, will take place on August 27, 2021 at the Futuroscope Convention Center and will have as its theme “Finding balance in an unstable world”.
The Covid-19 crisis occurred at a time of uncertainty and high tension between Beijing and Washington. Globalization and multilateralism have been challenged by former President Trump in its economic and technological foundations.

President Biden is reviving multilateralism but, in some areas, remains on the path of his predecessor. The temptation to turn inward and to protectionism, the rise of inequalities within and between nations, as well as security and military risks, are major challenges for all nations. The world seems to be dizzy and needs to regain its balance in order to prevent the drifts that threaten democracy, prosperity and the health of the planet.

The current circumstances lead us to organize this year’s Forum in a hybrid format. You will be able to attend the conference in person or online. For those attending the Forum in person: a health pass is required to access the Palais des Congrès du Futuroscope.

To participate in the event, here is the Registration Form to fill out.


Directives de santé pour cet événement

Masques requis
Zone d'événement assainie
Autres directives sanitaires Mandatory health pass for those registered in person.


(Vendredi) 9h30 - 17h00