Towards an Alternative Transatlantic Strategy

Release date : 29 April 2022

Hall GARDNER, Towards an Alternative Transatlantic Strategy – Biden, the EU and the “new” multilateralism, Ginkgo Publishing, April 2022



1: Biden and the “new” multilateralism
2: Biden’s executive orders: global health, environment and human rights
3: The new “double constrainment”
4: Biden’s first test: Summitry with the UK, G7 and NATO
5: Biden meets the European Union
6: The US, Russia, China and the strategic role of Europe
7: Towards an alternative transatlantic strategy



There is a real danger that the global system will polarise into two rival alliances, one led by the US, linked to NATO and the EU, as well as Japan and Australia, and the other led by a Eurasian Russia-China axis. There is an additional danger that the Aukus pact will push China and Russia even closer together and lead to a great power war.

The elaboration of a different global strategy could have prevented Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Not to mention the challenges posed by the spread of military technology, terrorism, mass migration and refugees, rising energy and agricultural prices, financial instability and social inequality, as well as the issues raised by the digital economy and artificial intelligence.

Towards an Alternative Transatlantic Strategy addresses the major issues that are shaking our world and suggests an original reflection on the need for a new global governance.


The Book also exists in French 

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  • Author : Hall Gardner
  • Editor : Ginkgo Editeur
  • Number of pages : 237
  • ISBN : 978-2-84679-516-6
  • Price : 18€
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